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Chris Macgowan

The following is a brief history of the people and experiences that have come to make up my life.
Peter and Sandra Macgowan conceive Chris Macgowan on 07 Febraury 1962
Chris Macgowan born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 12 November 1962
Moved to Burnsville, Minnesota and began my childhood
Introduced to my first friend, Jeff
Moved to Greendale, Wisconsin and began first Grade in 1970
First Kiss, Greendale 1970
Began to play ice hockey, 1970
Found an a great interest in Scinece and Electricity, 1973
First crush with Kari in Greendale, 1973
Began to play with fire and explosives, 1974
Learned to dance, 1974
Build first electric circuit and began to shop at Radio Shack, 1974
Demonstrated how the electric light buld works to class, 1974
Beat Randy in the school wide 100 yard dash, 1975
Turned all street lights off in Greendale through electic intervention, 1975
Kari decided that she might like me, 1975
Move from Greendale, Wisconson to Burnsville, Minnesota
Continued to play Hockey, Begen to play Basketball, 1976
To be continued ...
This is the Link to the Woman that I Love - Jennifer Hays


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