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2789th Street
2789th Street (1993, 16mm black and white, 11 Minutes)
2789th Street is the story of Urban Sprawl .... A boy grows with the natural beauty and serenity of his fathers farm. With the 1970's comes a rise in new home starts and major rural development. David Fisher is 19 and his father sees little future for the farmer, Dave moves to the city. We meet him in 1983, the city is full of life and community. Dave is happy, with his children and a new job. A bright future ends when Dave loses his job and is forced to move to the suburbs to find work. It was raining the day Dave stood on the front lawn of his new suburban house (pictured above) .... his boyhood farm had been overcome by rural development and urban sprawl. New housing starts were up that day.
Medit Award, Chicago International Film Festival, 1994.  Chicago, Illinois

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