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Media Production - Four Days
Four Days (1997, 16mm black and white, 30 Minutes)
A film about high energy physics, religion, diversity and social tolerance. Four Days is about diversity. All the people of the world are different, this makes our world an interesting and difficult place to live. With difference comes conflict. Our World, our countries, our cities and even our communities are divided by differences in culture, race, wealth, religion and many more aspects. Four Days will try to emphasize the point that people of different ideals can live and respect each other. Strong relationships can be based on and thrive on diversity.

This is the story about a family who graciously balances their differences and manages to build a strong, loving relationship. Frank is of the Catholic Faith and Janet an Atheist and Nuclear Physics Research Scientist. Their daughter Nayla exemplifies their differences and strengths. Their world changes when Janet discovers how to get to Hell and back during her research.

Philadelphia International Film Festival, 1998, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Humboldt International Film Festival, 1997.  Archadia, California
Independent Feature Film Market, 1997.  New York, New York
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