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HEAF Higher Education Assistance Foundation

Higher Education Assistance Foundation / TGA
Software Consultant
June 1992 to August 1994
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Working as a consultant to the Information Systems Group, responsibilities included development, maintenance and user support of various systems written under DOS or Windows. 
Developed or maintained and provided user support for seven (four multi-user) systems written in Clipper 5.01.  Member in a development team responsible for a Human Resources and a Inventory Control System that were designed to support multiple users on a Novell Network.  Completed development, testing, user training, written and on-line documentation. 

Designed a development management system that was used to manage a multiple user development environment.  This system was originally written in Microsoft C 5.1 and then ported to Microsoft Visual C++ 1.0.   

Member of the development team for two Client Server Applications.  These SDI and MDI Client Applications were written using Power Builder 3.0 and supported by SQL Server and INFORMIX Servers.  Was responsible for the ad hoc report functions, various user and systems utilities and the development of context sensitive help on the SDI Application.  Was also involved in user interface design, database administration and user support.

Responsible for Network Administrator tasks for a 25 user environment, running Novell NetWare 3.12 (three months).

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