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Media Facilities Management System (MFms) - System Requirements and Installation

General System Requirements
  Requires Windows95/98/2000/XP or NT 4 with SP5
  CD ROM drive for program installation
  Hard disk with 10MB for the program and database
  CPU and RAM requirements as per the version of Windows installed.
  ODBC Database Support installed
  DAO Database Support installed
  Bar code scanner (recommended)
On Windows systems with AutoPlay enabled for CD-ROM drives, the MFms Install program will start automatically when the CD-ROM is inserted into the drive. If the system being installed does not have AutoPlay enabled, run setup.exe from the root directory on the CD-ROM.
  Insert the MFms CD-ROM in the drive.
  Change your working directory to the CD-ROM directory.
  Access the root directory on the CD-ROM where the setup program is located.
  Run the setup program. The MFms InstallShield Wizard will appear.
  Follow the Install Wizard prompts.
  Select the 'Add/Remove Programs' applet from the 'Control Panel.'
  Select the 'Install/Uninstall' tab.
  Select 'Media Facilities Management System (MFms)' from the list of installed applications.
  Select the 'Add/Remove' button to uninstall the Media Facilities Management System.
License Key
To start the MFms System the user will require a License Key. The License Key can be obtained from MacgowanProductionS by sending email to or calling 651.225.9743. Currently only Beta Licenses are being issued.
When you install the MFms System the following registry key will be created.  Set this value to the License Key that you received from MacgowanProductionS.
User Logon
The MFms System uses a local logon system.  This logon is not associated with the Windows logon.  The user and password information is stored in a table called login in the MFms.mdb database.  There are three levels of access to the MFms System; Administrator, User and Guest.  See the online help for more information.
You can view the user logon information using Microsoft Access.  In the future the MFms System will provide a user management dialog and encrypted user information.
If you do not have Microsoft Access the following user information can be used to access the MFms System:
USER: user
PASSWORD: password

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