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DTN Meteorlogix LLC
Meteorlogix LLC
Software Engineer
19 May 2003 to Present
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Member of the Data Development Group, responsible for design, development, testing and implementation of software components to support data acquisition, infrastructure and product development for Meteorology Software Products in a Windows and Linux environment. 

Designed, developed, tested, documented and implemented various data acquisition components.  The components handled various weather data provided by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Weather Service and third parties.  Prior to this implementation data acquisition requirements were added directly to specific applications.  Using components allows the components to be reused and improved maintenance.  The components were designed using OOAD methodologies and UML artifacts such as Use Cases, Class, Collaboration and Sequence Diagrams.  The data audition component will receive data using a file or socket.  The data is then parsed and written to a database table using ADO.  These components were build as MFC or ATL-COM Dlls using Microsoft Visual C++.

Designed, developed, tested, documented and implemented the Convective Sigmet Processor.  A Convective Sigmet is a polygon drawn above a storm to show storm characteristics.  The Sigmet Processor Component provided data processing functions to the AviationSentry Product.  Created classes and methods to support data management, object derivations, quality control and integrated tested.  The components were designed using OOAD methodologies and UML artifacts.  The component was built as a ATL-COM Dll using Microsoft Visual C++.  

Designed and developed the Bloomberg Contribution File Manager (Bcfm).  The Bcfm Application added header information to the top of datafiles being processed.  Using OOAD methodologies and UML artifacts designed the classes used in the application; CBcfmApp, CMonitor, CProcess,  CMxReadyFile, CMxHeartBeat, CMxAlert, CMxEventLog and CMxException.  The Bcfm Application was built using C++ on the Redhat Linux Operating System.  Common components were built into Shared Objects. 

Developed the Bloomberg Contribution File Manager Client (Bcfm Client) to manage the Definition Files that are used by the Bcfm Application to create the header information.  The BcfmUtil application was created using Microsoft Visual C++ with MFC for the Windows Operating System.  Database support was provided using ADO.

As a Member of the Infrastructure Group developed software development guidelines, infrastructure components and created a class library.  The software development guidelines were a collection of documents outlining best practices in software engineering.  Identified and initiated a collection of shared components.  The component interfaces were documented and published in a class library.  Continue to manage and maintain the class library.  Tasked with research of best solutions to collect process metrics and implement process control into the data processing environment.  Completed prototypes of a metrics collection component, metrics server and a peer-peer process control component.



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