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Target Stores
Target Corporation
Senior System Developer
October 1994 to March 1999
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Member of various teams responsible for software design, development, testing, implementation and support for software systems in Target Stores.  This environment included 800 stores, each with a single server running Windows NT and many clients.

Applied object oriented techniques to develop common business classes to be re-used in the general retail operating environment.  These classes supported data access, messaging, process control and event logging.  Data access classes used ODBC and CRecordset to access the database.  Created test applications to verify business rules of each object.  The client application and business objects (server) were developed using Visual C++ and MFC.

Designed, developed, tested, implemented and supported a Retail Chargeback System.  The program is used to manage returned product in the store.  Developed functionality to support general returns, shipping, automated chargeback creation and UPC scanning.  Worked with QA to build test scripts using PERL and WinRunner.  Worked with clients in a usability lab and providing leadership in documentation and version control.  The application was developed using C in OS/2 and DB2/2.



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