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Linwood Rental A beautiful 1907 Victorian four bedroom home in the Saint Paul Crocus Hill neighborhood - Available 1 June 2012. more ...

Charming 4 bedroom home with restaurants and shopping in walking distance 5 blocks off of Grand Ave. This home has been kept in great condition. more ...

The front of the home features a large open porch that looks out onto the quiet street. Enter the home into the large living room with gleaming hardwood floors and natural woodwork. Several windows provide natural light as does the beautiful light fixtures. An arched doorway leads to the dining room. French doors lead to the beautifully landscaped back yard. more ...

Everything MUST GO!

wielandstr_12_front.jpg Following three years in Berlin we are moving back to the US. EVERYTHING MUST GO! All items are in TOP condition with manuals and paperwork! Follow this link for photos, pricing and more info.

We are selling the Kitchen, Stove, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Washmachine, Dryer, two Classic Schranks, IKEA Furniture, IKEA Beds(3) and the Kitchen Sink! Follow this link for photos, prices and more info.

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Chris is currently living with his family in Berlin, Germany. You can read more about the Berlin move here.

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three_little_birds.jpg We rented our Linwood house to Mike and Ara starting this past summer. We are very excited and proud to support Three Little Birds Community Childcare and Preschool. Three Little Birds Community Childcare and Preschool is a unique in-home family childcare program, specializing in ages 24 months through 5 years. Ara and Mike run the program and live in the house with their two children. Welcome Mike and Ara to our neighborhood that we miss in Saint Paul.

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Two circulating beams bring first collisions in the LHC

Geneva; Today the LHC circulated two beams simultaneously for the first time, allowing the operators to test the synchronization of the beams and giving the experiments their first chance to look for proton-proton collisions. With just one bunch of particles circulating in each direction, the beams can be made to cross in up to two places in the ring. From early in the afternoon, the beams were made to cross at points 1 and 5, home to the ATLAS and CMS detectors, both of which were on the look out for collisions. Later, beams crossed at points 2 and 8, ALICE and LHCb. more...

Potato-Faced Youngster Lauded For Memorizing Primitive 26-Character Alphabet
The Onion

Chicago; Christopher Pierson, a glassy-eyed, slothful lump of a child who still watches cartoons despite being tall enough to reach a polymer-injection molding station, was endlessly praised Monday for recalling the scant 26 letters in the American alphabet. more...